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The Journey Begins

HA!!  Well here I am, I always wanted to write a blog and with a little push from some friends I decided to jump in the blog pond!  ?

First off I didnt even realize I had published my first blog without writing anything.. WHOOPS!   However WordPress picked out a quote for me and I LOVE IT!!  Quotes are my thing!  As I sit here writing I am trying to decide the proper way to write this.. without judgements or criticism..  I worry about wayyyy to much.. ?

Am I too wordy, did I use the correct pronunciation, and paragraph breaks. (Is that what it is called?)  Did I proofread it correctly? ??

Will anyone like me.. ?   Fb makes you feel all that and more when posting in our business groups..  Just Crickets..?

But then I realize its my Blog and I can do whatever I want!  Whoop Whoop!  Pretty refreshing I might say!  I use alot of explanation points..  I wish I had some emojis right now..  I guess I need to use my phone for that..

About ME!!!   Im a Mom of 3 kids. 8, 13, 16.

??  A Very busy Mom that has way too many businesses..  There I said it!!   First Im a hairdresser by trade for 20 plus years..

Next Im an artist..  ?  Self proclaimed that is..  I run a mobile paint a sip company, part time that I created on my own.  I have a FB group called Wet Your Palette.  ? I also paint glasses, recycled wine bottles with LED lights, Wood signs I build with pine beams.  And recently Ive been exploring canvas painting.  (Which I will share on here soon!)?

I also took the picture of those sunflowers on the page… I loveeee photography!!! ?

I also sold Lularoe for just over 2 years, It was wild while the ride lasted.. but most of us know how that turned out. ?

Then I moved to selling clothing for Amelia James,  and I just became overwhelmed with way to much inventory and the stress of it all..

(I’m still housing 5 clothing racks full, hoping to move it all out soon!!

Im also a runner!!  Novice at that..  I have been starting and stopping for years.. Who can relate??  But I always say at least if I can keep getting started, then its all good!  ??

Well about 6 months ago my knee started to hurt and I went for some tests.. It turned out to be a torn minuscus..  ? . Having surgery is difficult right now with my life  (Another truth, Im a single Mom..)  So I had heard of Hempworx CBD and starting doing my research)  I ordered a bottle and the rest is history!!  My knee after a few weeks felt so much better that I can run 4/5 miles at a clip.. and my anxiety level that has come with life situations and children has been GREATLY REDUCED!!!!   Did I mention Greatly?!?! ?

I was staying up up till the wee morning hours reading all I could about CBD!  waking up late to get the kids to bed.. WHOOPS Again!!    Until finally I decided to educate others and help them on there healthy journey!!

I know this first post wasnt too full of CBD stuff.. But I really wanted to introduce myself to you all first.  More Health, CBD, crazy Mom life, and whatever else pops into my head to come!!!   I need some emojis!

(Logged back in with my phone and found me some emojis!!)  ?

Have a great day and goodnight!!  Its after Midnight here and past our bedtimes!!

Thank you!!!



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton