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CBD Available Here!

Hello everyone. So its been awhile since I have written a blog post. Life has been overwhelmingly… well overwhelming. To be blunt it has been really rough.. Ill start off by saying CBD I truly has saved my life. We all deal with stress of some sort. Some have it easier that others. But in the end life isnt easy. At this point in my life I have been a single mom for about 4 years. My attempt at being independent emotionally after a 19 year marriage has been successful.. However my attempt at financial success after a lot of failed attempts as different jobs and careers has been a little more challenging. After being a hairdresser for more than 26 years I had to leave the salon I was working at for 19 years due to my separation and driving my 3 kids back and forth to school, but still doing hair at home when I can, then I started a mobile paint and sip party business, Ive painted decorative wine bottles, made from scratch wood signs, bought into Lularoe the clothing craze and lost a lot of my savings. Still trying to get rid of that inventory. Then I started taking CBD from Hempworx and realize my anxiety and reaction to things that were outside of control (like arguments with my childrens father) I really dont want to go into it too much here as I try not to stoke the fire for my kids sake, but maybe someday I will, as it could help bring clarity to many others going through the same situation. But for now Ill leave that out. Through it all I have been looking to build up my self confidence and self worth and find me. Ive realized that I’ve relied on others for way to long to make me feel worthy. Its only been recently that I now have truly come to terms that the fact that I am responsible for my own happiness and noone else. And to have respect for myself. If it isn’t making me happy anymore, then its only going to bring me down and affect negatively my future. A future I owe to my children to be better.

So the real reason for this blog however is to share that while Hempworx has made me feel so much better with my emotions, anxiety and depression episodes I was buying a whole lot of it and selling it on Ebay. And I was meeting new people and helping people I would have not reached otherwise. Then last February Ebay shut down all sellers, selling CBD. This happened only a few weeks after my Mom had a massive stroke which ended her up bed bound for 6 months until she passed away this last August (2019) And I had just ordered over 100 bottles, and Paypal had shut me down as well. SO now I have a work around, this blog. Because I want to continue to help people to feel better. I use Square payments here. They are completely supportive of CBD sellers thankfully. If you click on the Shop tab of this blog you will see all of my listings.. I ship fast and free and could really use the help as the last 6 months that my Mom was sick put me further into a worried situation. Thank you again in advance for your patronage if you decide to shop with me. If you would like to ask any questions about Hempworx or CBD you can send me an email at or find me on FB.

Thank you!!

Kimberly Yarnall

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