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CKO What??? Lets Get Active!!

Right now Im pretty happy with myself because I got back out there into the CKO gym tonight!!  Its not just your ordinary workout..   Its fun! Hard! Sweaty!  and they play cool music!! ??Music is my jam.. HaHa..   Its my thing and I couldnt live without it.. It has helped me through some pretty rough times in my life…  If its got music,  I am there! ?

My punctuation may not be so great tonight because I had a glass of wine… ? ? (I dont usually drink when I have my kids here with me, and they are with there Dad tonight) so I enjoyed a glass of red..  ? right after a hot coffee..  ☕ Oh and some sushi ginger..  ? Hmmm does that doesn’t too sound appetizing when I write it out..  but I think Ill be ok! ??

So this is ME!  Raw me.. ??  The me that has decided after midnight to write..  I may regret this in the morning, but oh well.. I own this blog for the year and already paid for it too..

Something about me, I want to share. Ok here goes.  Sometimes life gets tough, with life circumstances, I get depressed and down,  really down, with Zero motivation to do anything besides hide under the covers.  I’m sure many of us can relate to this.  So lets talk now about….

Me with the bag! 1010181715a~2

CKO!!! ??  I decided since this blog is about living healthy  I should walk the walk, if Im talking the talk..   Ok so I joined last May, a friend talked me into go..  I  sort of forgot to eat first and 30 mins in i felt that feeling like my empty stomach was going to erupt via my mouth, well I made a dash for the door and ended up… ? right into the front bushes in  front of alll the cars passing!  They assured me it has happened to many people but yeah for that moment i thought I was going to die!!!  ?            Then fell down hiking a week later, and bent my middle finger ??(of all fingers)  backwards so far back that its taken 5 plus months to heal.  ?.  That taught me to NEVER WEAR SNEAKERS hiking in the muddy woods!!!  I have hiking boots, but forgot to put them on..  (not really sure how that happened)      Anyway,  I have also been running for the last 10 years or so,  but CKO challenges your entire body.. After only going a handful of times since falling down, my finger was still sore..  Tonight I felt soo much better!  Jabs, uppercuts??, backslaps, front kicks, side kicks, round house, burpees, planks, mountains climbers, ??  ski planks, butt kicks, jobs, jump kicks, lunges,  theres much more,  the sequences get a little confusing for me,  so I just fake it at times.. Lol  (I would never be able to remember a dance routine!)    and btw my form does not look like the instructors Darlene..  Not even close..  But Im sweating and it feels great!  And talk about getting out any frustration that you may be harboring!  My knuckles are a little red, but thats my personal take away!      To be honest I almost talked myself out of going tonight.. I can find every excuse in the book.    My advice is this!  Do something to make YOU feel GOOD!  I have to tell you all, there were women and men of all shapes and sizes there and I commend them all!!!  What an amazing thing!!   Even if you get out for a 1 mile walk..   I am famous for running 5 miles and then not running for 2 months..  Ill talk myself out of if because its like starting over again right??  But then I do it and run 1 or 2 miles and say.. Well its better than not doing anything..  Which believe me is soo easy to do!   The last few months ive been endulging too much into the lime tostitos!  I looovee those.. But I was also feeling lethargic and lazy..  Inactivity breeds inactivity.. Eating breeds more eating..  Tonight, instead, because I felt good about myself I had a cheese stick and some grapes..  Oh yeah and coffee, wine and ginger.. LOL   We all have to have our vices!!

Me looking like a tomato face! ?


Well the coffee is wearing off and the wine is making me tired.. Lol   Off to bed I go!   Incase your wondering what  sushi ginger is..


Id love to hear from you!!

What are some activities you enjoy?  Do you need motivation to get moving?

And Follow your own path. ?


Goodnight all!!


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