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Did you know Hemp is a Bio-Accumlator?CBD AND INDUSTRIAL HEMP

Did you know that Hemp is a Bio-Accumulator?  What this means is Hemp helps to clean up our soil..  It sucks up all the waste, contaminants and toxins including heavy metals that can be present.   Metals such as lead, cadmium and nickel.  Did you know they used Hemp to clean up soil contamination from the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster with great succcess! Removing radioactive waste Stronium and Cesium. Even Farmers in Italy have fought soil contamination with Industrial Hemp. 🌱

This process is called phytoremediation and contamination in our soils is everywhere.. 😢

(These are things I had no idea about until I started to research more into Cannabidiol (CBD)..   I will say I find it all fascinating and more scary at the same time!) 😩

What most consumers dont think about when they are purchasing Cannabidiol (CBD) is where it comes from.  Everyone wants to jump on the CBD train right now, from sellers to consumers..  I am both!! 🙋🏼 Everyone wants to feel better and everyone wants to make money!    The natural tendancy of todays consumer is to go find the best deal..     Hey as a single Mom,  I am all about it!!    BUT, there are some things you dont want to do on the cheap, especially a product that you are taking internally to make you feel better.     And this is CBD.    If your CBD doesnt come from clean soil, then you are essentially ingesting all of those toxins which could in turn make you sicker..  The old addage,  you get what you pay for,  couldnt ring more true in this case!  👆🏻

Hempworx comes from farms in Kentucky,  which is Certified Organic and Non-GMO,  Cold Pressed (co2 Extraction Method)   Pure 100% CBD Oil..  No fillers..     I mean Coconut Oil is a good thing in my opinion..  I use it to brush my teeth and as a hair conditioner and more.. But it doesnt need to be in your CBD.  🌱 I want to know that when Im spending my hard earned money on CBD I want it to be CBD..  Not diluted with any fillers..

Im just getting started on my blogging journey here..  And each day theres so many subjects I want to talk about.. This is just one of them.. 😁

If you would like to know more about Hempworx and there Amazing CBD just ask!

Hempworx manufacturers 3 different strengths.

250 for our furry friends over 40lbs 🐕

500 and 750.  Peppermint or Natural Flavor..   (We also carry a Zero THC Isolate if you have to worry about any kind of employment testing.)  That means the number on the bottle is exactly the amount of CBD mgs you are getting in each 1oz bottle!     (Another thing to keep in mind when shopping, is some manufacturers will sell the same amount of CBD mgs per bottle but the bottle is larger or has those fillers in it..

Hempworx also is completely transparent with there consumers offering up their third party testing reports right on there website.

They offer a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee.   That means after 30 days if you are not completely satisfied they will refund you money 100% percent..


And it is because of Hempworx that I am able to post these silly pictures of myself after a run..  Suffering from a slightly torn minuscus and the motivation to push myself.  Before I started Hempworx I felt sidelined by life physically and emotionally. 1009181100a (1)

If you would like to order from my Hempworx Affilate site, items will be shipped by Hempworx (My Daily Choice) 🌱

If you would like to order from my in store stock,  click on the “Shop” tab.  Items will be shipped by me.

Im just starting out in the blogging journey,  Let me know what you think and if you have any questions, thank you for stopping by!!!!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Most work-place drug screens and tests target delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and do not detect the presence of Cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal natural hemp based constituents. Even though our products contain less than .3% THC by dry weight (Federal Legal Limit), studies have shown that ingesting Full Spectrum CBD can cause confirmed positive results when screening urine and blood specimens. Accordingly, if you are subject to any form of employment drug testing or screening, we recommend (as does the United States Armed Services) that you DO NOT take our products. Before taking our products, consult with your healthcare practitioner, drug screening testing company or employer. This website requires you to also be at least 18 years or older to purchase our products.

*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally-occurring constituent of the industrial hemp plant. MyDailyChoice/HempWorx does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA). The company does sell and distribute hemp based products.

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