Hello World!!!  🙋🏼   Well 3 days after starting this blog site I have now figured out how to create a home welcome page!!  That in itself is pretty funny!  😂Lol   This ought to be a super fun ride..

Im a single mom of 3 pretty awesome kids, who is attmepting to write this greeting at just before midnight..  🌟🌛 Im soo tired Im trying to remember what this site is about..

HAHA. YES!!🌱CBD and HEMPWORX!!! 🌱 and that reminds me, I forgot to take it this evening.. I better go do that now..

OK About ME!! 🤦🏼  Yes,  Im a 44 year old (very soon to be 45)   single mom of 3 kids, 9, 13, and 16.  Its busy busy busy!!   Im scattered at times, well most times..   Im a hairdresser by trade for over 20 years. 💇🏼

A self proclaimed artist. 🎨

I love photograhy, 📸  (I took the pic of those sunflowers on my banner)  I can be a runner when I can find the time..  Ive never gone over 6 miles.. I average 3 to 4.     MAYBE ONE DAY!!!

I have even attempted CKO in my town.. 💪🏻👊🏻 I actually have gone a few times and loved it so I bought the yearly sign up,  and I am truly hoping to push myself to go more!

I use to love to bake and cook! 🍰 See now most people would say..   I LOVE to bake and cook..   But why stretch the truth..  everything these days seem daunting..  NOW thats the TRUTH!!!

And 🌱HEMPWORX!!! 🌱 It has started to change my life for the better!!!  I feel better, calmer, more energy, less anxiety, and I want to spread the Hemp Love!!!   My hope for this blog is to connect with people and help guide them to a more healthful journey and to share my crazy life,  hoping people can relate!

But right now, Sleep!!   I have a hair cliente visiting me in the early morning..  Goodnight World, Goodnight Moon…  (I use to love reading Goodnight Moon to my kids when they were little..)📚

Im looking forward to getting to know the world soon!!!

And just so its easy to find..  Ill just leave my Hemoworx link down here. 💞