Hello World!!!  ??   Well 3 days after starting this blog site I have now figured out how to create a home welcome page!!  That in itself is pretty funny!  ?Lol   This ought to be a super fun ride..

Im a single mom of 3 pretty awesome kids, who is attmepting to write this greeting at just before midnight..  ?? Im soo tired Im trying to remember what this site is about..

OK About ME!! ??  Yes,  Im a 44 year old (very soon to be 45)   single mom of 3 kids, 9, 13, and 16.  Its busy busy busy!!   Im scattered at times, well most times..   Im a hairdresser by trade for over 20 years. ??

A self proclaimed artist. ?

I love photograhy, ?  (I took the pic of those sunflowers on my banner)  I can be a runner when I can find the time..  Ive never gone over 6 miles.. I average 3 to 4.     MAYBE ONE DAY!!!

I have even attempted CKO in my town.. ???? I actually have gone a few times and loved it so I bought the yearly sign up,  and I am truly hoping to push myself to go more!

I use to love to bake and cook! ? See now most people would say..   I LOVE to bake and cook..   But why stretch the truth..  everything these days seem daunting..   My hope for this blog is to connect with people and help guide them to a more healthful journey and to share my crazy life,  hoping people can relate!

But right now, Sleep!!   I have a hair cliente visiting me in the early morning..  Goodnight World, Goodnight Moon…  (I use to love reading Goodnight Moon to my kids when they were little..)?

Im looking forward to getting to know the world soon!!!